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Mahopac, NY: Bishop Jerome leads Nativity Services in New Kursk Root Hermitage - 01/13/18

On Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of January, the great feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Grace, Bishop Jerome, led the divine services in Nativity of the Mother of God Church at the New Kursk Root Hermitage in Mahopac, NY.

Nanuet, NY: Feast of Christ’s Nativity at Novo-Diveevo Convent - 01/12/18

The weekend of Sunday, January 7, saw the clergy and faithful of Holy Dormition Convent "Novo-Diveevo" in Nanuet, NY, celebrate the great feast of the Nativity of Christ. Leading Divine Liturgy and Vespers on Saturday morning, All-Night Vigil on Saturday evening, and Liturgy for the feast itself was the dean of the convent’s St. Seraphim Cathedral,

Mayfield, PA: Nativity at St. John the Baptist Cathedral - 01/12/18

On Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of January, the parishioners of St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Mayfield, PA celebrated the great feast of the Nativity of Christ.

Jordanville, NY: Bishop Nicholas performs Christmastide Archpastoral Visit to Holy Trinity Monastery - 01/11/18

On Monday the 8th and Tuesday the 9th of January, Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan paid an archpastoral visit to the monastery. On Monday, upon arrival at the holy habitation, His Grace served Vespers & Matins in the cathedral. During the Sixth Hour, Reader Nicholas Kotar was ordained a subdeacon, and later at the same service was ordained to the diaconate. After the Great Entrance, Deacon Sergei Kosov was ordained a priest. Both clerics will fulfill their service at Holy Trinity Monastery.

New York City: Russians & Serbs jointly celebrate Christ’s Nativity in Synodal Cathedral - 01/08/18

On Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of January, Eastern American Diocesan vicar Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan led the divine services for the Nativity of Christ in the Synodal Cathedral of the Sign in New York City. The All-Night Vigil for Nativity was served in a festal, joyous, and warm atmosphere.

Sydney, Australia: Metropolitan Hilarion leads Nativity Services in Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral - 01/08/18

On Saturday, January 6, the Eve of Christ’s Nativity, Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America & New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad, led the divine services in Sts. Peter & Paul Diocesan Cathedral of the Diocese of Australia & New Zealand.

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Faces of the Diocese
"I Married a Mailman!" – An Interview with Archpriest Dimitri & Matushka Natalia Ermakov - 12/21/17

More than a century ago, the founding fathers of Holy Dormition parish came here, to southwest Pennsylvania, leaving behind everything that was near and dear to them: their homes, families, and customs. They knew that, without hope in God’s providence, they would not survive. And out of this great faith, fidelity toward and love for God, in 1917 these people founded an Orthodox parish.

"The Icon Chose My Arms & Legs to Take It Around the World" – An Interview with Eugene Korolev - 12/02/17

An icon of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos containing a piece of the omophorion of the Mother of God is visiting the churches and monasteries of the Eastern American Diocese. Brining the icon from Moscow is the general director of the Russian National Creative Workshop "Art-Project," LLC, and director of the International Foundation for Mutual Development & Strengthening of Spiritual Unity and the Religious & Historical Values of Russian Orthodoxy in the Homeland & Abroad "Under the Protection of the Theotokos," Eugene (Evgeny) Korolev. Mr. Korolev first visited the Diocese in December 2015, when a monument to the Reunification of the Russian Orthodox Church was dedicated at the Diocesan Center in Howell, NJ.

Miami, FL: Report by Priest Mykhailo Mykhailenko on 70th Anniversary of St. Vladimir Parish - 11/30/17

In 2017, St. Vladimir Church in Miami, FL celebrated its 70th anniversary. The festal divine services were held on November 11-12, led by His Grace, Eastern American Diocesan vicar Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan. At lunch after Divine Liturgy, parish cleric Priest Mykhailo Mykhailenko delivered a report about the church’s history:

"A Big City & A Church Built by Little People" – An Interview with Matushka Sophia McKenzie - 11/16/17

Russian Church life in Florida was begun by Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko) in 1937 – who was himself later appointed Bishop of Florida – in a big city in the south of the state. In the mid-1940s, construction began on the first Russian church in Florida. Its founders were from the first and second waves of immigrants and included seven dwarfs – professional performers, who arrived in Miami at World War II broke out. Among them were Ivan and Pelagia Velikanov, and Vasily and Maria Filin. Their names appear on a memorial plaque at the entrance to the church.

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With the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion, the 2018 Lenten Retreat will be held at St. Alexander Nevsky Diocesan Cathedral in Howell, NJ, on March 12-14. Further details will be posted on the diocesan website in the near future.

Jordanville, NY: Winter Issue of "Pravoslavnaya Rus’" Now Available for Download

The third issue of Russian-language Pravoslavnaya Rus’ ("Orthodox Russia") has been released by Holy Trinity Publications in Jordanville, NY. 

Jordanville, NY: Giving Tuesday Appeal of Holy Trinity Seminary Rector

The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving is known as "Giving Tuesday." It is on this day, after the celebrations and discounts of "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday," that people are called upon to do good deeds for those in need. This year on Giving Tuesday, Archimandrite Luke (Murianka), rector of Holy Trinity Seminary, is appealing to the faithful of the Eastern American Diocese – and to all people of good will...

Jordanville, NY: Restoration of Golgotha Site at Holy Trinity Monastery

Prior to their graduation, Holy Trinity Seminary’s graduation class of 1971 had erected a magnificent 40 feet tall cross on the top of the hill overlooking Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY. Since then, this cross became a part of the local scenery, something that is very strongly associated with the imagery of the monastery.

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