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Mount Crawford, VA: Holy Myrrhbearers Parish moves to Permanent Church

Almost two and a half years after breaking ground, the local building inspection office granted the parish of Holy Myrrhbearers Church in Harrisonburg, VA a temporary occupancy permit, allowing them to move into their new church edifice at 5004 Cross Keys Road, Mount Crawford, VA. It is only seven minutes from where they had been renting, just outside the city limits of Harrisonburg.

Parish founder Archpriest John Moses (+2019) brought Orthodoxy to the Shenandoah Valley and envisioned one day having a space of their own and constructed in an Orthodox worship manner that would be able to serve the needs of the growing vineyard.

The clergy and parishioners completed most of the work themselves and, despite some difficult economic times, the Lord pushed the mission forward. Through prayers and much cherished donations, the parish celebrated their first Divine Liturgy on March 19 ‒ the Third Sunday of Great Lent – the Veneration of the Most Precious Cross. It was also the ordination anniversary of parish rector Priest Gabriel Weller.

A large contingent of parishioners attended the service, co-served by parish clerics Priest Ricard Reed and Deacon Nectarios Kanney. The choir’s voices filled the room and uplifted the hearts of all those who attended.

On this day, in the spirit of Fr. John's ministry, the parish received a new catechumen into their flock. Fr. John had spent several hours conversing with this person in the past and the seed has now taken root.

Holy Myrrhbearers parish will hopefully receive their occupancy permit soon, as they continue to press ahead with the enormous building project. The construction loan will mature on April 30 and the parish will then obtain a mortgage for this property.

The parish asks for continued prayers and humbly request for any donations to complete the building.

To donate, visit the parish donation portal here.


Mount Crawford, VA: Holy Myrrhbearers Parish moves to Permanent Church - 03/19/23

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