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Washington, DC: New Publication of St. John the Baptist Cathedral

In September 2020, we published the first issue of the new journal "The Parishioner." In January 2021, the second issue was released. The next one is scheduled to be out by Pascha of this year. "The Parishioner" is available both in printed and electronic forms.

As we all continue to experience the results of the COVID-19 outbreak, one of the main challenges for many parishes across the country has been the lack of interaction among parishioners. Sadly, opportunities to engage have been put on hold, and people feel a sense of isolation and miss simple joys, like sharing family and personal news with each other at our Sunday brunches and luncheons. Others are interested in getting to know their fellow parishioners better and learning about their stories and achievements. Finally, many of us need help for various local needs, and having a list of local Orthodox professional service providers could help. All in all, we decided to launch a new way for our parishioners to share their news and stories and offer their services to each other. Naturally, to improve the newsletter, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions, which you can send to the Editing Team at: parishioner@stjohndc.org.

Please use this address to subscribe to receive future issues of "The Parishioner."

Archpriest Victor Potapov





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