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Wayne, WV: Plans for the New Church in Holy Cross Monastery

On Friday, September 27, the great feast of the Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord, the final proposed plans for the new church in Holy Cross Monastery in Wayne, WV, were delivered to the brethren. The proposed new church is 92’ x 48’ internally, with a large covered wraparound porch bringing the total dimensions to approximately 110’ x 70’. It is estimated that the new church will comfortably fit numerous serving clergy and servers in the altar, 50 monastics in the stasidia, 150 of the faithful in the nave, an additional 50 of the faithful in the choir loft. There is also ample space in the covered porch (with the church doors open) in cases of very high attendance.

The new church will be able to comfortably fit not only the current brotherhood of the monastery, but also a substantially larger one. The monastery will also be able to host even large pilgrimage events in its own catholicon.

The sacristy space will be enormously augmented, which will allow the servers to perform their obediences without disturbing the prayer of the serving clergy. This will allow for increased reverence and prayerfulness during the divine services, not only for the clergy, but also for the faithful for whom they pray.

The new church includes a basement area. This will provide the potential for crypts underneath the altar, additional sacristy space, as well as a large auditorium for lectures, spiritual talks, and monastic synaxes. An auditorium will also allow the brethren to be able to offer edifying spiritual talks and events to pilgrims and visitors.

The new church is extremely beautiful, reverent, and traditional, while at the same time fully integrated with the monastery’s natural surroundings. This is no small feat for a traditional Russian Orthodox monastic catholicon, and is a testament to the inspiration and talent of architect Andrew Gould.

By the end of the year, the brethren intend to complete infrastructural preparations, and over the winter they will work on finalizing the blueprints and construction portfolio in general. They will also continue their fundraising efforts, with the intention of breaking ground as soon as weather permits in the spring.

Please continue to pray for the good success of this necessary and God-pleasing effort, and consider contributing financially on the monastery’s website here if you are able to do so. For your convenience, a recurring donation on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis is now added. May God reward you!


Wayne, WV: Plans for the New Church in Holy Cross Monastery - 10/04/19

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