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Howell, NJ: Diocesan Council holds Regular Meeting after Lenten Retreat
Diocesan Council
Diocesan Council
Diocesan Council

On Wednesday, April 3, after the conclusion of the annual Lenten Retreat held at St. Alexander Nevsky Diocesan Cathedral in Howell, NJ, the Eastern American Diocesan Council held its quarterly meeting. Diocesan secretary Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan chaired the Council meeting, and members discussed many important issues in the Diocese and worked on the new initiatives that had been set forth before diocesan representatives at the Triennial Assembly in October 2018.

Diocesan treasurer Subdeacon Gregory Levitsky delivered a financial report for the first quarter of 2019, reviewing the balances of diocesan accounts and the status of parish dues submissions throughout the Diocese. The Council then discussed the income and budgetary projections for 2019 and ways to ensure that the budget is met.

The Council discussed various other issues related to strengthening parish life in the Diocese. The Council reviewed the status of some parishes with clergy vacancies and entertained suggested solutions, and touched on other administrative issues in some parishes. The Council considered requests for clergy and mission assistance and approved expenditures from the Benevolent Fund to help in these matters. In addition, the initial planning process began for the upcoming diocesan clergy conference at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY in late October 2019.

The Council approved the creation of updated operating procedures and best practices for the diocesan administration, which will assist in the efficient running of the Diocese, as well as assuring legal compliance with all contractual agreements. Connected to this, the Council completed its updating of the payroll process for employees of the diocesan administration and established updated job descriptions for two of the diocesan employees.

Lastly, the Council reviewed the streamlined process of the Media Office, which was presented as a goal of the Diocesan Council at the Triennial Assembly, and noted positive improvements: articles and news updates are timely and accurate, and social media accounts are being effectively utilized.

The Council adjourned with a plan to meet in June after Pentecost at a location to be determined.

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