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Woodbourne, NY: NORR Camp launches Repair Fund in Honor of Archpriests Seraphim Slobodskoy, Alexey Ohotin

The National Association of Russian Explorers (NORR) has launched a repair fund in memory of its past spiritual counselors – Archpriests Seraphim Slobodskoy and Alexey Ohotin. Fr. Seraphim was the camp’s original spiritual counselors and was instrumental in the early success of Camp NORR. He had previously founded Holy Virgin Protection parish in Nyack, NY, and the adjoining Russian School. His love for the spiritual education of children is still felt today in his book The Law of God. It was his vision to have a permanent chapel at the camp, and he himself selected its location so that it was visible from the main road. Fr. Seraphim passed away in 1971 before the realization of the chapel. Fr. Alexey succeeded him as spiritual counselor. He was a man of many talents with a wonderful sense of humor, was not afraid to help out with various repairs and projects, and – most importantly – took care of the spiritual needs of the children for many years until his passing in 2013.

Camp NORR needs your help! The Sts. Peter & Paul Chapel, constructed in 1973, is in need of major repairs. For 45 years, it has withstood hot summers and harsh winters, but they have taken their toll.

Needed repairs, totaling approximately $20,000, are listed below:

- Repair and replacement of the roof
- Re-gilding of the cupola and crosses
- Repair of the siding and trim
- Repair of the main doors
- Refurbishment of the iconostasis
- Repair and replacement of the tarp structure
- Other miscellaneous repairs

Please consider donating to the Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy & Archpriest Alexey Ohotin Memorial Fund, so that NORR can proceed with the needed repairs to the camp chapel.

To make a tax-exempt donation, you can visit the donation page here or make checks payable to "Camp NORR" and mail to the following address:

80 Wagon Road
Westwood, MA 02090

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