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Resaca, GA: Joy of All Who Sorrow Parish to hold Orthodox Youth Camp at Glorious Ascension Monastery

From July 28 to August 1, with the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion, Joy of All Who Sorrow parish in Atlanta, GA will be holding an Orthodox youth camp at Glorious Ascension Monastery in Resaca. The camp is geared toward children school-aged and older. College students and adults are invited to participate as instructors and assistants. Camp participants live in tents pitched on monastery grounds.

Every morning begins with prayer, with various classes and activities following breakfast. The first half of the day includes lessons on Orthodoxy and the spiritual life, the lives of the saints, lessons in the altar for the boys and arts and crafts for the girls, as well as baking prosphora, making candles, sketching out icons, and more.

Sports and other recreation follow lunch: swimming in the lake, soccer, volleyball, ping-pong, dance class, and more. The children help at obediences in the kitchen and cleaning up the campgrounds. The day concludes with evening prayer and a bonfire.

On Friday evening, July 21, the All-Night Vigil will be served, at which campers can go to Holy Confession.

On Saturday, August 1, the feast of Venerable Seraphim of Sarov, all will participate in the Divine Liturgy, upon completion of which the camp will conclude with a festal luncheon.

The camp is being held for its third consecutive year and is in the process of growth and development. Thus far, the camp has been organized by a single parish, but organizers welcome the cooperation of any Orthodox parishes and are actively seeking new campers, assistants, and sponsors. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact Priest Eugene Antonov be e-mail at FrEugene@JoyOfAllWhoSorrow.info or phone at (678) 576-6176.


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