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Outline of A Church Singer's Companion

The Church Singer's Companion collection is a comprehensive collection of basic four part choir music, that can be adaptable to fewer than four parts when necessary.  It is a Five part, multi-volume set.

The parts are:

Part One
The All-Night Vigil
Volume 1: Vespers
Volumes 2,3,4: Matins

Part Two
The Divine Liturgy
Volume 1: The Divine Liturgy
Volume 2: The Divine Liturgy

Part Three
The Paschal Cycle
Volume 1: The Lenten Triodion
Volume 2: Holy Week
Volume 3: Pascha
additional volumes to be many, including but not limited to:
Volume 4: Sundays of Pentecost, including Ascension & Mid-Pascha, through the Fathers of the 1st Council
Volume 5: Pentecost, All Saints, All Saints of Russia, All Saints of America

Part Four
The Fixed Cycle
Volumes to include Great Feasts; number of volumes to be determined

Part Five
Occasional Services
Volumes to cover various needs and occasions:
weddings, baptism, ordination, funeral, memorial service (pannikhida), different types of prayer services (Thanksgiving and other moliebens,) house blessing, etc.

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