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Jordanville, NY: Restoration of Golgotha Site at Holy Trinity Monastery

Prior to their graduation, Holy Trinity Seminary’s graduation class of 1971 had erected a magnificent 40 feet tall cross on the top of the hill overlooking Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY. Since then, this cross became a part of the local scenery, something that is very strongly associated with the imagery of the monastery.

Directive from Metropolitan Hilarion on Providing Financial Assistance to St. Herman Youth Conference

"St. Herman Conference and similar youth gatherings are a wonderful opportunity for the younger generation to better acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of their Orthodox Faith and solidify bonds of friendship with other young people in the bosom of the Mother Church. Once again in the 2017 year, we ask that you do your part to support St. Herman Conference and the spiritual well-being of our youth, via plate collection or a direction donation from the parish."






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